200g wholemeal spelt pasta
1 tablespoon
1 pinch homemade rapeseed oil
300g homemade butter
rhubarb stems
curly kale
vegetable soup base


  • Pour the homemade rapeseed oil into a heated pan and add a little homemade butter.

    Start by sautéing the medium sliced onions. When the edges slightly shrink, add rhubarb stems diced in cubes and sliced curly kale.

  • When the vegetables shrink, add sliced garlic and pour over the vegetable soup base (made from a small amount of water in which remains of your vegetables used for other dishes during the week have been cooked).

  • Boil the wholemeal spelt pasta "on the spoon" to your preferred hardness in salted water. When they are done, add the pasta to the pan with your sauce and mix to evenly coat them.

  • Upgrade the dish with leaves of red false shamrock (gives a pleasant sour taste), petals of calendula and leaves of nasturtium (gives a slightly spicy taste).

  • Did you know…

    • that you should first remove the leaves from the rhubarb and then remove the skin from the thickened part of the stem (if possible with a single pull).
    • that it is advisable to use rhubarb only until mid- June, because later the level of oxalic acid increases.