Harmony of tradition and nature

We are Robert and Rosmarie Žitnik. With our son Blaž, we live and farm based on healthy principles.

We wish to contribute to the improvement of eating habits of families, toddlers in kindergartens, children in school, employees in companies, gift recipients and all of those who pay us a visit in search of something traditional and unique at the same time.

We have been growing spelt in Starošince since 2012 with respect to nature and without the usage of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

The freshness of our flour is ensured by freshly peeling and grinding the spelt grains in the mill, where there is no possibility of overheating the flour, thus preserving all important nutrients.

The image of our fields is constantly changing due to crop rotation, which is very important as it contributes to the health of our plants.

And how else are we making an effort as a family?

– we consistently separate waste;
– we collect rainwater in underground reservoirs;
– whenever we travel by car, we combine errands;
– we print on ECO paper;
– we use ECO cleaners.

Throughout the year, from early spring, we carefully cultivate our land, take care of the plants, remain connected with them in all weather conditions, store them in the granary, and process and prepare them for you. Vse this contributes to a good recipe for our spelt delicacies. Vseow yourself to taste the true power of nature prepared with a large measure of love during the hectic pace of modern life.

Where and when can you find us?

Our delicacies can be purchased on Fridays from 8 am to 4 pm in the shop located at Starošince 40A. You can, however, visit us any day of the week by prior arrangement.